Special Event

Kids Build It: 4/21 Name Projects

Saturday, April 22, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

We’re so excited to have your child drop in to visit! Join us as we make one of these name projects! Please follow these steps to register!

  1. Please let us know you’re attending this event by adding it to your cart below.
  2. Follow the checkout all the way through the process. This ensures that we have payment and a waiver on hand for your appointment.

It is very important that each project is chosen before you arrive to the studio. In order to make the most of your group’s time, we will not be able to take same day orders for this event. 


6054 Narwhal-with-Name $0.00 Unicorn with Name $0.00 6056 Sloth-with-Name $0.00 6053-04-Sea-Turtle-with-Name. $0.00 6024-Panda-Horizontal-Name $0.00 6016-Horse-Name $0.00 6052-Butterfly-with-Name. $0.00 6029-Floral-Name $0.00 YP144-38 Astronaut Name $0.00 YP144-39 Spaceship Name $0.00 YP144-40 Video Creator Name $0.00 YP144-41 Bricks Creator Name $0.00 YP144-42 Coding Creator Name $0.00 YP144-43 Performing Creator Name $0.00 YP144-20 Ice Hockey $0.00 YP144-21 Coding $0.00 YP144-22 Volleyball $0.00 YP144-23 Rock Climbing $0.00 YP144-24 Singing Voice $0.00 YP144-25 Ice Skating $0.00 YP144-26 Wildlife/Hunting $0.00 YP144-27 Fresh Water Fishing $0.00 YP144-28 Salt Water Fishing $0.00 YP144-29 Snow Skiing $0.00 YP144-30 Snow Boarding $0.00 YP144-31 Theater $0.00 YP144-32 Water Ski $0.00 YP144-33 Cooking/ Baking $0.00 YP144-34 Girl Scout $0.00 YP144-35 Boy Scout $0.00 YP144-36 Dance $0.00 YP144-37 Band $0.00